Young cricketers will kick off a new campaign called #ShareTheAir by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) Wales later today to make more public spaces in Wales smokefree.

Building on its successful Smokefree Playgrounds campaign in 2013, ASH Wales will launch #ShareTheAir across Wales later today urging people not to light up in other public areas such as sports grounds, playing fields, beaches and outside schools.

The Swalec stadium in Cardiff which is home to the Glamorgan Cricket team already has a smokefree policy covering most of the stadium but is asking spectators to think twice before lighting up anywhere within its grounds.

The #ShareTheAir campaign forms part of ASH Wales vision for a smokefree generation in which children born today will not be exposed to second-hand smoke and will have the confidence to say no to smoking themselves.

“As part of our #SharetheAir campaign we will be working with councils, businesses and schools to promote smokefree areas across Wales. We will be encouraging people to think twice before lighting up around children or in public places for the benefit of everyone. We’ll also be working with local councils to encourage them to sign up to a ‘Smokefree Charter’ which places a smokefree ethos at the heart of any planning of future public areas.

“Sports grounds, playing fields and beaches are family-friendly areas which should be free from second-hand smoke and cigarette litter. We hope that members of the public will promote smokefree environments and help bring about a change of attitudes towards smoking, especially around children in family environments.”

Elen de Lacy, Chief Executive of ASH Wales

In April this year, Anglesey council implemented a smokefree village at Llanfairpwll where a voluntary ban was put into place. The smokefree sign designed by Morgan Jones, from Ysgol Dwyran, was placed outside entrances and exits of pubs, shops, playgrounds and other community facilities.

“There has been a great deal of support amongst residents and businesses, with the local community council also playing a prominent role in efforts to extend the current smokefree playgrounds scheme throughout the whole village.”

“The scheme won’t be policed, but we’re hoping that the local community will encourage visitors and residents not to smoke in designated public areas. Businesses and tourism establishments, especially catering outlets, should also benefit as Llanfairpwll becomes smokefree.”

Luned Edwards, Health and Wellbeing Project Officer, Anglesey Council