Every primary school across the county borough of Wrexham will be putting up new signs from today asking parents and carers not to smoke cigarettes or e-cigarettes at the school gate.

This is part of an all-Wales initiative by ASH Wales to encourage people not to smoke in public places where there are children. It will ensure that school gates will be smokefree, child-friendly zones.

Being exposed to cigarette smoke puts our children’s health at risk and makes them more likely to develop illnesses such as asthma and middle ear infections. As well as the misery this causes to children and their families, the costs to our NHS of treating these conditions is almost £24 million per year. Studies have shown that children who are exposed to adults smoking are significantly more likely to start smoking themselves. The SmokeFree Wrexham’s Partnership Group’s view is that encouraging children not to start smoking is better than supporting them to quit smoking as adults

SmokeFree Wrexham Partnership Group launched the successful Smokefree Playgrounds campaign 18 months ago and is eager to make even more space in Wrexham smokefree for our children. Chair of SmokeFree Wrexham Partnership Group, Mrs Chris Roberts said:

“Making our school gates smoke free means that our children will no longer associate family friendly areas with smoking. This takes us a step close to becoming the first Smoke Free town in Wales.”