Smokers trying to quit smoking will now have access to a unique interactive online resource to help them make informed decisions about the best way to give up smoking based on their individual circumstances.

The online toolkit “Quitex” being launched by public health charity ASH Wales today has been designed to offer a new approach to quitting smoking by providing personalised support for smokers based on user feedback.

Quitex will provide visitors with information about the available options and methods to help them quit, allowing them to assess the positive and negative features of each, and to support them in their decision regarding the best method for them.
The Quitex website will guide users through 6 key steps:

  • Step One - About you
  • Step Two - How addicted are you to Nicotine?
  • Step Three - Your previous attempts to quit
  • Step Four - Different ways to quit
  • Step Five - Your decision
  • Step Six - Planning ahead

The information provided will generate a personalised printout of the individual’s results which they can take to their stop smoking counsellor, GP or pharmacist to discuss their quit attempt with them.

Quitex will email the user with a follow–up survey after 6 weeks to see how successful they have been with their quit attempt. They will also be followed up at 6 months and 12 months with email surveys. The information will be used to help improve the website and to further research on quitting smoking.

Elen de Lacy, Acting Chief Executive of ASH Wales said: “We are delighted to launch this new unique online help for smokers. We know that the majority of smokers want to quit but the addictive nature of cigarettes means that it is difficult for them to do so. One of the issues we are aware of is that smokers need information and advice to steer them in the right direction. This online toolkit will help those smokers decide the most appropriate method for them.

"Quitting smoking is very individual and depends on an individual’s particular circumstances. This is another option for smokers who do not want to go down the formal process of being referred to a counsellor. Smokers need services that suit their particular needs and lifestyles and Quitex does just that.”