ASH Wales congratulates the European Parliament on its vote to approve a mandate for negotiations to proceed on a revised Tobacco Products Directive.

MEPs have today approved a range of new regulations to curb smoking including bigger warnings on cigarette packs and a ban on flavourings including menthol.

We are disappointed however that MEPs voted against bringing e-cigarettes under medicines regulation as this would have provided the best way of ensuring that these products are safe and effective.

The tobacco industry has aggressively campaigned against the Directive but has failed to block it.

“We are pleased that MEPs have voted to increase the size of health warnings on cigarettes and to ban flavourings and packs of 10 which are popular among younger smokers. We also applaud MEPs for standing firm against the tobacco industry on many of the issues despite intensive lobbying by Big Tobacco in the run up to today’s vote. We are disappointed however that slim cigarettes that are directly targeted at young women will not be banned and that e-cigarettes will not be brought under medicines regulation to ensure their safety and effectiveness. We now urge the Council, the Commission and the Parliament to strongly defend the Directive in on-going negotiations."

Elen de Lacy - Chief Executive of ASH Wales