The revised EU Tobacco Products Directive will replace existing legislation on regulating the sale and manufacture of tobacco products and, for the first time, regulate e-cigarettes and herbal products.
The main new provisions of the Directive:

  • Introduce a minimum pack size of 20 cigarettes and minimum weight of 30g for roll-your-own tobacco
  • Ban certain descriptors, such as “natural” or “organic”
  • Ban cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco containing characterising flavours such as menthol
  • Introduce a traceability system and security features to track and trace tobacco products, to strengthen the fight against illicit trade
  • Regulate electronic cigarettes and associated refill cartridges
  • Introduce a notification (or authorisation) system for novel tobacco products

This consultation closes on 3 September 2015. Further information on the consultation can be accessed here. Please e-mail Dr. Steven Macey if you'd like a copy of our response.

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