Home And Kids

A new campaign to get smokers to take their habit outside and away from the home launches today across Wales.

The ‘Smokefree Homes’ campaign aims to raise awareness of the harms smoking inside the home causes to family members, children and pets. 

Run by ASH Wales Cymru and supported by Community Housing Cymru Group, ‘Smokefree Homes’ will also provide one-to-one support and information for anyone wanting to make their home smokefree.

80% of cigarette smoke is invisible and can linger in the air, on furniture and on toys for 5 hours - even with windows and doors open. Children are more vulnerable to second-hand smoke because they have small airways and breathe faster, taking in more smoke-filled breaths. 

To mark the beginning of this hard-hitting campaign, ASH Wales is asking people to pledge to make their homes smokefree, whether they smoke or not. One lucky entrant will be selected at random to win £100 in vouchers for their home.

Today also marks the launch of an online chat service on the Smokefree Homes website where anyone looking to stop smoking can talk to experts about finding the right way to quit for good.

Chief Executive of ASH Wales, Suzanne Cass, said,

“Making your home smokefree is a huge step forward in protecting everyone in your household, even pets, from poisonous, chemical-filled smoke. It’s a tragic fact that 40% of young people are regularly exposed to second-hand smoke in their family environment and that is why this campaign is here, to protect those young people from harm.”

“It’s not just the health aspect; smoking in the home is a huge fire risk with over 150 smoking-related fires in Welsh homes every year.”

Enquiries: Emily Cole | Digital Communications and PR Officer | 02920 490621