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New research released today by Cancer Research UK (CRUK) shows that over 7,000 cancer cases per year in Wales are preventable, amounting to 140 per week.

Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, weight and sunbed usage are the main causes of cancers which would otherwise be avoided – equating to almost four in 10 diagnoses, says CRUK.

15% of these avoidable cases were due to smoking, the highest percentage out of any of the lifestyle choices.

Suzanne Cass, Chief Executive of tobacco control charity ASH Wales, said: “It’s a shocking statistic that 38% of every cancer diagnosis in Wales is due to a lifestyle activity, such as smoking. Cancer Research UK’s stats show we still have a long way to go here in Wales to stop more people from becoming a statistic themselves. To do this we need strong policies, such as smokefree spaces for everyone to enjoy, and national campaigns to highlight the harms of tobacco.   

“We know smoking kills almost half of its long-term users, however the majority of smokers do want to quit this killer habit. The support is out there for anyone wanting to stop smoking – the NHS in Wales offers a free stop smoking service called Help Me Quit, who are just one text or call away.”

To get free, local, and tailored advice visit, text ‘HMQ’ to 80818 or phone 08000 852 219.