Understanding E-Cigarettes

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Electronic cigarettes have become increasingly popular since the introduction of smoking bans in public places across the United Kingdom, however little is known about the long-term effects of their use. Much debate exists within the tobacco control and public health communities over whether electronic cigarettes should be recommended to people who want to quit smoking or to smokers as a means of harm reduction.


This course will cover up to date and accurate information on electronic cigarettes, giving you the confidence to open up discussions and to educate and support people to make informed choices.

Learning Outcomes

  • To understand what electronic cigarettes are, how they work and the types currently available
  • To explore current population trends of electronic cigarettes use
  • Understand why electronic cigarettes are being used and identify who is using them
  • Recognise and debate the potential advantages and disadvantages of electronic cigarettes
  • Identify concerns regarding safety and regulation
  • Explore the impact of the marketing and advertising of electronic cigarettes


I will now be able to give families pros and cons of e-cigs and inform people accurately.

Specialist Community Public Health Student Nurse, University of South Wales

I have more knowledge to answer questions and educate young people within work and general public.

School Health Nurse, Conwy

This is very appropriate for my area of work. Feel I have the knowledge to speak confidently to young people requesting advice.

School Nurse, Connah’s Quay

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