Smokefree businesses

As well as the damaging effects on the health of employees, it is widely recognised that smoking has a damaging impact on the productivity of businesses and to the wider Welsh economy.

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Economic cost to businesses

Research we carried out in 2012 revealed that smoking was costing Welsh businesses an estimated £88.4m a year, putting added pressure on already cash-strapped companies.

This figure includes loss of productivity through smoking breaks; loss of workforce through excess sickness absence due to smoking-related illness; and damage to premises through smoking-related fires, all of which are having a significant impact on Welsh businesses. Smoking breaks alone are estimated to cost Welsh businesses £39.5m a year.

A recent example comes from the Welsh Contact Centre Forum who announced that smoking-related sick leave costs their sector £1.6m a year in Wales and has a higher percentage of smokers (30%) than society on the whole (19.2%). The contact centre industry in Wales employs 30,000 people; this equates to 9,000 smokers.

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Why be smokefree?

Making a business smokefree and by supporting staff to quit smoking for good offers numerous financial and health benefits all round.

  • Reduce time lost through smoking breaks
  • Reduce absences due to illness
  • Reduce the risks and costs related to smoking-related fires
  • Improve the overall health of employees
  • Reduce air pollution in and around entrances

Our support for businesses

We offer a range of accredited training for businesses such as educating peer-leaders to help colleagues to quit smoking. We also offer 6 weeks of supportive sessions within any workplace which has a group of employees looking to quit. This will include pre- and post-quit sessions and support.